Potters for Peace in Hand/Eye

Posted by Patty Osborne

Ann Schunior, one of the people who was part of our 2012 Brigade, has had an excellent article about Potters for Peace published in Hand/Eye magazine. The article describes our work with subsistence potters and is accompanied by a mini-slideshow.

Read the article and see the slideshow here.


  1. Bevan Williams on

    Thanks for sharing the video and information. Do you know if there is some place I can purchase a couple of the filters, here in the U. S. ?

  2. Beverly Pillers on

    I enjoyed the article by Ann Schunior in the Hand/Eye magazine. She really picked up the essence of what it’s like working in Nicaragua and explains well our work with the ceramic water filter. She was on our 2012 Brigade and picked up a lot of information traveling to the artisan’s workshops and working alongside them. The article does a great job of explaining our projects. Thanks from PfP for writing this.

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